Top 3M Window Film Options for Las Vegas Businesses

Top 3M Window Film Options for Las Vegas Businesses

When you’re considering options for improving your commercial space, a little can go a long way. Instead of knocking down walls or ripping up flooring, take a look at your windows. Untreated windows can lead to a less productive, less energy efficient workspace. Finding a window treatment that works for your space is easy! There are a variety of 3M window films available for your Las Vegas business. Below, we’ve discussed some of the top options.


The Best 3M Products for Your Windows

Believe it or not, window tinting can dramatically improve the quality of your workspace. By applying window tint, you can help block harmful UV rays and keep your staff healthy. You can also save thousands of dollars in energy costs! If you’re considering this building upgrade, 3M is a great brand that you should definitely look into! The following are some of the top 3M window film options for your Las Vegas business.


1. 3M Thinsulate

3M Thinsulate is a four-season window film that provides extra insulation. With Thinsulate, the energy efficiency of your windows is nearly doubled! It’s also barely visible, so it keeps your building’s aesthetic relatively unchanged.


2. 3M Sun Control 

If your business is interested in energy cost savings then 3M Sun Control films are for you! These products block heat gain so effectively that they can lower your energy costs by 30%! They also block 99% of the sun’s UV rays.


3. 3M Safety and Security Film

When it comes to safety, the more protection the better. When you apply 3M Safety and security window films to your building, you instantly make your space safer. These specialty window treatments hold glass in place in case of breakage. That means you won’t have to clean up glass in case of a blast or an accident. The glass shards also stay together during the impact. 


You Know the Facts: Take the First Step Toward Installation!

Your commercial space deserves the best, and Scottish Window Tinting is here to help! Schedule a consultation, and we’ll walk you through the installation process. We have the answers and the 3M window film options your Las Vegas business needs!