Protect the Merchandise In Your Kansas City Store from Theft With Security Window Film

Protect the Merchandise In Your Kansas City Store from Theft With Security Window Film

Crime has been on the rise in Kansas City in the last few years, with theft being among the crimes at the top of the list. This has left many retail owners in the city with great concern. After all, once merchandise has been stolen, it’s almost impossible to redeem. And it’s hard to take a tremendous financial blow like that and continue to run a business.

That’s why more and more retail locations in the Kansas City area are turning to security window film as a solution. Security window film provides a way to prevent break ins and smash and grabs without adding unattractive steel bars to your storefront.

Prevent Smash and Grabs with Window Film

Breaking a window is the easiest way for a criminal to rob a retail store. Most retail locations have large glass storefronts that are vulnerable to this type of damage. It only takes criminals a quick second to smash a window, grab what they need, and take off. After all, it usually takes police a couple minutes to arrive, by which time the criminal is far gone.

Window film provides a way to reduce smash and grab crimes. Installed directly on the top of glass, window film works like a protective shield, absorbing the shock from impact. When hit with a hammer or hard object, the film dissipates the energy of the force sideways, prevent it from collecting in a single spot. This makes the glass more resistant to shattering.

transit center graffiti shield

Protect Against Vandalism

In addition to preventing theft and smash and grabs, window films can also prevent vandalism. This is especially useful for retail stores, which are prone to being vandalised during after business hours. All that you have to do is install anti graffiti film over the area you’re trying to protect. The film will act as a substitute for the surface. Once it’s tagged, it can be simply removed and replaced for a fresh look. It can be applied to retail storefront, public restrooms, metal signs and more.

Protect Your Kansas City Store with Security Window Film

Get the protection your Kansas City retail store needs today with security window film. Call the experts at Scottish Window Tinting to schedule your free security consultation!