Making Kansas City Restaurants, Bars, and Concert Venues Safer with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Making Kansas City Restaurants, Bars, and Concert Venues Safer with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

As a business owner, you’ve got to significant lengths to make sure that the employees and patrons in your establishment are safe. From investing in surveillance equipment to installing secure locks on your entrance doors, you’ve made major efforts to protect your property, as well as the people, equipment, and furnishings inside. But still there are some situations out of your control. Criminals are sneaky and will do everything they can to get what they want. Natural disasters and floods are unpredictable. And accidents happen all the time. By installing ballistic resistant window film, you can protect your Kansas City property from unexpected danger and keep your belongings, patrons, and employees safe.

Understanding How Ballistic Resistant Window Film Works

Safety window films are a special type of laminate that’s installed on glass panes in doors, windows, and skylights to protect occupants from danger. Ordinary glass shatters almost instantly when it’s shot at or hit with a hard blow. But glass that’s been strengthened with ballistic resistant window film is more resistant to gunshots. Case studies and tests have shown that windows with ballistic resistant window films can sometimes resist multiple gunshots. This causes the attacker to be delayed, providing time for occupants to head to safety.

How Can Ballistic Window Film Make Kansas City Establishments Safer

Any place where the public gathers in large numbers could be a target for terrorists and shooters. Bars, restaurants, and concert venues are often crowded and noisy. This makes them look like the perfect target for terrorists looking to make a statement.

Property owners in Kansas City can install ballistic resistant window films on high risk areas of their property to prevent intrusion and personal harm. Window films can be added to any glass surface, however many property owners choose to strategically install the film on high risk areas such as entrances, balconies, windows, and skylights. Not only can ballistic resistant window films help protect property, but they can also bring peace of mind.

Protect Your Kansas City Property with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Get the security and protection your property needs. Call Scottish Window Tinting today to have ballistic resistant window film installed for your Kansas City bar, restaurant, or venue.