Custom Logos, Decals & Designs for Kansas City Offices: Entries, Conference Rooms And Glass Walls

Custom Logos, Decals & Designs for Kansas City Offices: Entries, Conference Rooms And Glass Walls

Having a professional looking office is important for making a positive impression on your clients. Additionally, the way your office looks and functions also affects your employees, and can play a major role in terms of their comfort and privacy. Decorative window film is perfect for adding custom logos, decals, and designs to your Kansas City office building. It can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including entries, conference rooms, and glass walls to achieve a certain aesthetic or create privacy.

How to Add Logos & Decals to Your Office with Window Film

Adding custom logos and decals to your Kansas City office is easy with decorative window film. First, you have to decide where you want your window film to go. Nearly any glass wall or flat surface will works. However, it can be a good idea to place a logo in an area where it’s likely to be seen, such as the entrance to your office, or the demountable glass walls of your conference room.

Next, you just have to pick what type of film you want to have your logo printed on. There are a variety of decorative window films out there. Some are more animated and colorful, while others are more minimalistic. Typically, we recommend frosted or gradient films for an office setting. Once you pick out your film, just contact your local window film contractor and set up an appointment for installation.

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Benefits of Decorative Window Film for Cubicle Offices

In a cubicle office, privacy is a great matter of concern because cubicles are often placed very close together. Today, glass wall cubicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in active offices or coworking spaces, because of their more open and inviting appearance. However, with glass wall cubicles, employees have little to no privacy.

Installing a decorative window film can resolve issues with privacy and create a more comfortable environment for your employees. Textured window films are great for cubicles because they have a very subtle look, yet still provide privacy. However, colored and specialty window films can also be fun to work with. There are even dry erase films that allow you to use your cubicle as a whiteboard.

Speak to a Designer About Decorative Window Film

If you’re interested in learning more about decorative window film, or would like the chance to talk to a professional designer, please contact our office. We would be more than happy to work with you to create a beautiful look for your Kansas City office building by adding custom logos, decals, and designs.