Bringing glass up to code during a remodel can be incredibly expensive--security window film is a low-cost alternative.

3M Safety Film To Bring Your Kansas City Home Remodel Up To Code

3M Safety Film To Bring Your Kansas City Home Remodel Up To Code

The Best Alternative To Window Replacement For Conforming To Building Codes

When renovating a house there are a lot of areas of repair, added expenses and issues that arise as you are doing the work.  The job is never as easy as it seems and sometimes it seems like you just keep throwing money at the project.  This type of situation can leave home remodelers in a bad financial situation, over projected finish dates, and over budget. While we at Scottish Window Tinting don’t have the solution to every issue that will arise with your Kansas City home remodel, we do have a fast and inexpensive work around to bringing old, potentially dangerous windows, up to code and that solution is safety and security window film.

 Why Window Film Will Work To Get The Windows Of Your Kansas City Home Up To Code

As you get deeper into your home remodel, the time comes when you need to have an inspector look at your project and let you know what you need to do to conform to any building codes that exist now that didn’t when your house was built or last remodeled.  It will probably surprise you how many seemingly little things you need to do to get your remodel up to code.  Old plate glass is a big issue when it comes to getting your remodel up to code because these windows are often in difficult places to remove and require custom glass replacement due to their often irregular shape.  This also happens to be where safety and security window films are at their best.  For windows at the bottom of stairwells, in bathrooms and wet areas, sliding glass doors, and very large windows, safety film is the least expensive and easiest solution to bring your home up to building codes. This is not only because of the ease of installation–but the significantly lower cost as well.  As it is, this simple workaround is perfectly acceptable to building inspectors and ultra-friendly to your remodel budget.  The best part is, a window tinting installer, like Scottish Window Tinting, can have all your windows done in one day.  So your remodel not only comes in under budget but right on time as well!

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