How to Stop Bird Collisions in Your Fort Collins Home with Window Film

How to Stop Bird Collisions in Your Fort Collins Home with Window Film

Bird collisions are gaining recognition as a serious problem. Animal advocacy groups have been trying to call attention to the issue for years. But up until recently, hardly any effort was being made to stop them. Now, many cities are enacting laws that require construction companies and architects to implement bird safety solutions. Some cities even require builders to submit a “bird safety plan.”

The good news is, there are simple steps that can be taken to prevent these accidents from happening. And you can adopt them in your very own home! By installing bird safety window film, you can do your part to stop bird collisions in the Fort Collins area.

What Causes Birds to Fly into Windows?

Birds fly into windows because they don’t realize that the glass is there. Birds can’t differentiate between reflections of their environment and the real thing. So to birds, the reflections in windows look like places they would normally fly, such as trees, branches, and bushes. Unfortunately, as a result, many die in effort to reach their “safe” landing space.

How to Stop Bird Collision with Window Film

One of the best ways to stop bird collisions in Fort Collins is to install safety markers for glass areas of your home. Special bird window films can be bought online or obtained from a local window tinting contractor.
Bird safety films come in a number of styles. Horizontal and vertical stripes are common designs. However, you can also find them with trellis designs, perforated marks, and decorative patterns. We recommend having bird safety films professionally installed for maximum longevity.

Learn more about bird safety film here: window-film-stop-bird-collisions-ft-collins

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