A Closer Look at C-Bond Technology and How it Can Help Protect Fort Collins Businesses and Homes

When it comes to home and business security among your Fort Collins property, there are numerous different routes to explore in order to properly guard building occupants and valuables. Security film delivers that next level of protection and defense, offering comprehensive safety for your building. Security film is an innovative specialty window film that can be paired with C-Bond glass strengthening agent for incredible durability. C-Bond delivers a revolutionary security component that makes bomb blast and ballistic resistance possible.

Advantages of C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent for Fort Collins Properties

C-Bond glass strengthening agent is the only patent protected nanotechnology product that’s been scientifically proven to significantly increase the strength, safety, and performance of glass and window film products. When combined with multiple layers of security film and an attachment system, security film contractors are able to create bomb blast protection as well as ballistic resistant products for high-security properties. C-Bond is a wonderful addition to any window film installation since it drastically improves strength and flexibility for your existing glass. For homeowners, C-Bond is used to prime your existing glass windows and doors prior to installing security film. C-Bond not only improves product adhesion, but it also offers quicker cure times for the fastest installations. Experience comprehensive home security and additional window film benefits immediately.

Finding the Right C-Bond Contractor for Your Fort Collins Property

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the trusted C-Bond contractor in the Fort Collins area. We always utilize C-Bond as a priming agent for all of our window film projects. C-Bond delivers incredible glass strength while offering quicker cures times and better product adhesion. When researching your next window film project, make sure to find a contractor that uses C-Bond.

For more information regarding C-Bond glass strengthening agent for your Fort Collins property, please contact us!

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