Secure Your Business with Window Film

Get 24 Hour Protection, 365 Days a Year with Security Window Film for Your Denver Home or Business

As the population of Denver continues to grow, so does the city itself. And while most areas are thriving from the increase of economic wealth, others have been left behind. Some older communities have become worn down and overridden with crime, posing a threat to neighborhoods nearby. Security window film can protect your Denver home or business from potential danger. At Scottish Window Tinting, we offer a wide selection of security films that offer defense against forced entry, vandalism, natural disasters, and even more serious situations.

Types of Security Window Film

Theft Prevention

Imagine finding out that someone broke into your building while you were away and now all the things you worked so hard for are gone. Don’t let armed robbery or forced entry happen to you. Theft prevention window film can protect your building, valuables, and financial assets from devious criminal activity. It bonds with glass at the molecular to provide increased strength and resistance to shattering. And even if the intruder does manage to break the glass, theft prevention window film will hold individual shards in place, making entry nearly impossible.

Anti Graffiti

In some of the older neighborhoods of Denver, as well as areas in Lakewood and Aurora, graffiti has become a prevalent issue. Graffiti is an incredibly burdensome loss for business owners to incur. Not only does it damage your building, but it can also ruin your reputation. Anti graffiti film can protect your building from damage. Anti graffiti film is a durable, protective film that’s designed to cover up existing graffiti and protect underlying surfaces from deep scratching or etching. It can be easily removed and replaced if damaged, making it an affordable and long lasting solution.

Bomb Blast

For government buildings, airports, schools, and other large public areas in Denver, high level security is a must. More and more often, these types of buildings are becoming targets for terrorist attacks and other acts of violence. Bomb blast protection window film can protect your building and occupants from a high impact situation. At Scottish Window Tinting, we work with C-Bond as well as other leading brands to provide the ultimate defense against these incredibly serious types of situations.

When disaster strikes, will you be prepared? Contact Scottish Window Tinting to have security window film installed for your Denver commercial or residential building.


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