The Importance of the Attachment System for Your Denver Security Film Installs

The Importance of the Attachment System for Your Denver Security Film Installs

When installing safety and security window film, the attachment system can be just as significant. Without a proper attachment system, safety and security window film can be deemed useless on tempered glass. Although attachment systems aren’t required for annealed glass, we highly recommend installing an attachment system as well. Attachment systems ensure that your security film investment stays attached to both the glass and the window frame in your Denver building.

Importance of Attachment Systems on Tempered Glass

Most commercial buildings’ windows and glass doors are actually composed of tempered glass. Tempered safety glass often needs a safety and security window film solution in order to further protect building occupants and valuables from natural disasters, explosions, attacks, burglaries, and freak accidents. Without an attachment system though, security film can’t be properly installed. The attachment system safeguards security film, bonding it to the glass and the window or door frame.

Types of Attachment Systems for Your Denver Security Film Install

There are four types of attachment systems available for different performance needs, aesthetics, and price points. We highly recommend Dow 995 caulking attachment system, the industry standard for attachment systems. This third party tested caulking replaces the rubber gaskets in commercial frames and is available in black or white. This high adhesion system also offers high elasticity which enables better attachment of security films.

3M L-Shaped Rubber Gaskets are another type of attachment systems that offer a great look at a higher cost point. We recommend using this in buildings where window aesthetics are significant, such as museums. The Frame Lock attachment system is available is a multitude of colors and screws directly into the aluminum frame. The most cost-effective attachment system is the Net System. The Net System utilizes a system of cordage that screws into the frame as well. This option offers lowest aesthetics but also the most affordable choice.

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