Surface Films for Your Denver Interior Remodel

Surface Films for Your Denver Interior Remodel

Remodeling your interior is exciting because it gives you the opportunity to bring a personal touch to your space and make it all your own. At the same time, if you’re working with a certain budget, it can be challenging to find affordable options for updating your space while achieving the aesthetic you want. Surface films provide Denver property owners with a hassle-free option for interior remodeling that saves time and money.


Architectural Films – What Are They?

Architectural finishes, or surface films, are sheets of laminate that are used for interior remodeling. Most commonly, they’re used on flat surfaces like cabinets, counters, and walls, but they can be applied to other areas like tables, desks, and furniture too. They come in tons of different finishes including marble, wood, and stone, and once they’re installed, they look just like the real thing.

Architectural films save time and money because they refinish surfaces and give them a more modern look. That way, fixtures like cabinets and counters don’t have to be ripped out and replaced.


Ways to Use Surface Films in Your Interior

Surface films are super versatile. All they need is a hard, relatively flat surface to adhere to. And they’re super cheap. This makes them ideal for updating rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, which are traditionally expensive to re-do. Here are some different ways you can use surface films for your Denver remodel.


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Dark Stone Interior

Set the vibe with dark stone for interior walls.

3m architectural film denver

Wood Grain Finishes

Wood paneling is making a comeback. Get the look with architectural film in a wood grain finish.

3m surface film denver

Marble & Granite Finishes

Create a stately, upscale look with light grey marble and granite finishes.


Let Us Help You Design the Perfect Look

When it comes to interior remodeling, we’re experts. Call today to learn more about the benefits of surface films for your Denver property or speak to a designer about your ideas.