How to Make Denver Schools Safer with Security Window Film

How to Make Denver Schools Safer with Security Window Film

It’s upsetting to think that anyone would go so far as to harm someone as innocent as a school-aged child, but the truth is that it happens all the time. According to an article by news source CNN, there have been over 280 school shootings since the year 2009.

While we like to think of our public schools as being a safe place for learning, the fact is that they’re quite vulnerable. Very few schools have entries and windows created with fortified glass. This makes them easy to break into.

That’s why so many schools in Denver are turning to security window film. Safety and security window films provide a way to prevented forced entry and can help significantly reduce the likelihood of physical harm. Here’s how.

How Long Does It Take to Break Into a School?

Windows are important in schools because they provide natural light and access to outside views. But they’re hardly ideal in terms of security. Studies show that, on average, it takes only 1-2 seconds to break in through a window or glass door. That means that even if office staff have time to lock the door, it will only take an intruder just a couple seconds to get inside. That’s not enough time to call 911.

How Does Security Window Film Prevent Forced Entry?

Security window film helps keep Denver schools safety by delaying intruders when they attempt to break in. The film absorbs some of the shock from impact, preventing windows from shattering immediately. Once they break, it scan still slow down intruders because the still in-tact film stands in their way.

Research shows that security window films can increase the time to break in by up to 80 seconds. With an attachment system, it takes even longer to break a window, at a total of 90 seconds.

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