5 Benefits of Window Tint for Homes

5 Benefits of Window Tint for Homes

Window tinting is something every homeowner should consider a viable and beneficial home upgrade. The reason for this? Window films and tinting provide a number of benefits for homes in any climate. From helping to put money back in your wallet to make your home a better place to live–window film is fantastic home improvement. And the incredible benefits listed below illustrate why.

  1. UV Protection: The rays of the sun are harmful and can even prove deadly to those susceptible to skin cancers. Which is why you need sun protection even in your home. Window film is the barrier you need between yourself and the sun’s UV rays. It protects from 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays and window tint is an SPF 1000.
  2. Privacy: In bathrooms and kitchens privacy from neighbors can be difficult. Replacing the windows that allow in the eyes of your neighbors can be expensive. Decorative window film, on the other hand, blocks unwanted views coming. But, affordable decorative window film still lets in plenty of natural light.
  3. Fade Resistance: Hardwood floors, wood, and leather furniture are prone to fading beneath UV light. which is why window film, which blocks 99.9% of the UV rays that cause fading is perfect for protecting the things in your home you value and love: artwork, furnishing, rugs, and floors included.
  4. Savings on Energy Bills: Whether it’s from heating your home in the winter or cooling it in summer–energy bills can get high! Making your home more energy-efficient is a way to keep them down and save money month after month. From lowering solar heat gain to trapping in heated and/or cooled air, the addition of window tinting is one of the most affordable ways to get the most energy efficiency for your home.
  5. More Home Comfort: Intense glare, hot and cold spots and rooms that are simply too hot to use all make your home less comfortable. Window tint is a solution to all of these issues. It keeps the sun at bay, controls temperatures and allows you to utilize any room in your home any time of day.

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