Security Window Film for Dallas

Security Window Film Offers Dallas Homes and Businesses Protection from Even the Most Serious Threats

Never worry again about the safety of your building with security window film. Dallas is a big city, and even though the police force actively works to make it safe, crime is still bound to happen from time to time. While you can’t stop people from making poor choice, you can guard yourself against them. Security window film can defend your place against everything from natural disasters to explosives, offering your building and occupants the high level of protection you need.

Types of Security Window Film

Theft Prevention

There’s really no way to know for certain what will happen after you lock your door and walk away, but that’s why there’s theft prevention window film. Theft prevention film can keep your place guarded even when you’re not around, offering you both financial security and peace of mind. It deters criminals from entering your building by holding broken glass shards in place, making forced entry difficult and time consuming. Theft prevention film can provide the defense you need against armed robbery, smash and grabs, and more.

Anti Graffiti

Dealing with graffiti is a pain. It looks awful and can seriously damage the reputation of your business. But worries about vandalism can become a thing of the past for your business with anti graffiti film. Anti graffiti film is a highly durable protective film that’s designed to cover up graffiti as well as provide protection against future damage. It looks exactly like the surface on which it’s applied, making it impossible to detect or remove by anyone other than a professional. If the surface gets tagged, you can easily have it removed and replaced for a fresh start.

Bomb Blast

Unfortunately, in today’s world, public targeted violence has reached a new level. Explosives, gunfire, and other dangers can dramatically change our lives as we know it all in the blink of an eye. But luckily there’s a way to keep your valuables and the people you care about protected from danger. We offer bomb blast protection film to help your building stay safe and secure even in a worst case scenario. Bomb blast protection film is perfect for Dallas government buildings, airports, schools, and other places that need a high level of security.

Keep your building and its occupants protected from danger. Contact Scottish Window Tinting to have security window film installed for your Dallas building.


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