Mirror and Metal Restoration for Dallas

Mirror and Metal Restoration Gives Dallas Buildings a Newer and Cleaner Appearance

Areas frequently visited by the public or large numbers of people can become damaged from scratching, etching, corrosion. Not only does this damage look unsightly, but it can also seriously affect your business. After all, no one wants to spend time in a place that looks unclean or unsafe. As a solution, Scottish Window Tinting offers mirror and metal restoration. Dallas schools, transit systems, apartment complexes, and commercial properties can all benefit from this cost-friendly renovation. Restoration is a much more affordable alternative than replacing damaged structures yet it looks exactly the same on the surface. It allows you to create a newer, clean appearance for your building while saving money in the long run.

Applications for Mirror and Metal Restoration

Commercial and Residential Property Protection

Elevators, escalators, and metal signs are a magnet for vandalism. Deep scratching, spray paint, marker, and acid etching can completely ruin the look of your property. At Scottish Window Tinting, our mirror and metal restoration services can offer your peace of mind and save your business money. Our experts can fix damage caused by graffiti at a fraction of the cost of replacement. In addition, our films offer long-term protection since they can be removed and replaced at an affordable rate.

Bus Stops, Light Rail Stations, and Transit Systems

Unfortunately, graffiti has always been an issue for public transit systems in Dallas. Since vandals often find themselves alone on the light rail or at the bus stop, they feel like they can tag signs, seats, and other surfaces without getting caught. We can eliminate the presence of graffiti in your public transit system by applying our high performance anti graffiti films. Anti graffiti film covers up marks and scratches and protects the underlying surface from even the most vicious acts.

School Restroom Partitions and Mirrors

Scottish Window Tinting can restore the bathroom mirrors and stalls in your Dallas school or university for a fresh, new appearance. Bathroom mirrors and restroom partitions often become victim to graffiti due to their private and secluded nature. In addition, the presence of moisture can cause corrosion and other damage. Our protective films can repair damage to metal and reflective surfaces, giving your staff and students the clean and safe environment they deserve.

Looking for an affordable way to repair the damaged mirrors or metal surfaces in your building? Scottish Window Tinting offers low cost mirror and metal restoration in Dallas. Call us today to schedule an appointment or get more information.