The Best Bomb Blast Window Film Options for High Security Buildings in Dallas

The Best Bomb Blast Window Film Options for High Security Buildings in Dallas

One unfortunate reality of the world we live in is the risk of terrorist attacks, bombings, shootings, and even violent storm damage. Bomb blast window film gives Dallas companies and agencies the upper-hand in protecting their high security commercial and government spaces.

Why Bomb Blast Window Film is Critical for Employees, Guests, and Assets

The strength and fortification that bomb blast window film is an essential part of a Dallas building owner’s arsenal of defensive strategies, whether their high security building is at risk of a potential terror attack or impact from a natural disaster.

When the time comes, having this type of window film on your building can help prevent injuries and casualties among your employees, customers, and guests. At the same time, you can also rest easy knowing that there’s another layer of defense protecting your company or agency’s most important high-risk assets.

How Bomb Blast Window Film Works

Bomb blast window film is designed to reinforce Dallas buildings with a two-fold protection system. To begin, existing windows are outfitted with a high grade security film that adheres glass plates together for reinforced strength. Then, an attachment system comprised of firm, flexible arms is installed within the frame of the glass, preventing ruptures from extreme impact.

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