One Way Mirror Glass vs. Film in Denver

One Way Mirror Glass vs. Film in Denver

One Way Mirror Glass vs. Film in Denver

Homes and businesses alike can benefit from having one-way mirrors. If one-way mirror glass isn’t available for your budget or situation, how can you achieve the same unique form of privacy? One way mirror film is an easy alternative that’s much more readily accessible. So what are the key differences?

One Way Mirror Glass

Originally known as “transparent mirror,” this is a type of mirror that has a large amount of reflective material in it but not 100%. You can see through the glass depending on which side you’re on. This glass requires that one side of the mirror be twice as bright as the other side to achieve full one-way visibility.

One way mirror glass is a specially-manufactured and durable surface that won’t scratch, peel, or fade. Because it is a specially-made product, it can be quite expensive, hard to find, and tricky to install. If you want this type of glass, you need to fully replace the windows you currently have – even if they’re still in perfect condition. Installation requires inspection of the space to ensure that the lighting requirements are appropriate for the glass.

Even with the higher cost and tricky installation, one-way mirror glass can be the right option for some homes and businesses.

One Way Mirror Film For Denver Building

One Way Mirror Film is an add-on to glass that is tinted and reflective. This film does still require one side of the mirror to be brighter than the other.

Unlike one-way mirror glass, the film is easy to install on any existing glass surface. It is a more affordable and convenient way to add privacy to offices or homes. One way mirror film doesn’t require expensive installation – we only need to measure the current windows and cut the film to size. If the window is damaged or the film is scratched, there’s no need to replace the entire window. The film can be easily removed and reinstalled with short turn-around time.

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