Cool Your Dallas Home with Window Film this Summer

Cool Your Dallas Home with Window Film this Summer

If you’ve lived in Dallas for any considerable amount of time, you know that summers can be intense. It’s not unusual for highs to reach 96 or even 98 degrees on a hot June or July day.

As we head into summer and the long, hot days ahead, one option you should consider for keeping your Dallas home cool is window film. With window film, you can keep the heat out of your home and still enjoy the beauty of the sun.

Why Residential Window Films Are a Great Investment in Dallas

Contrary to popular belief, window film isn’t just for car windshields. In fact, it’s quite a useful addition to make to your home windows.

When the weather gets warm, you have to worry about the heat transferring into your home through your windows. It builds up on the glass, then, as the laws of thermodynamics would dictate, transfers to the cooler space indoors.

With window tint, you can stop this from happening. Window film blocks infrared heat that’s responsible for rising indoor temps, keeping your home cool and comfortable even when it’s hot outside.

Residential window films are a great investment if you live in a place like Dallas. They can make a ton of difference in terms of comfort. And you’ll save enough to get a full ROI in three years.

Energy Saving Benefits of Window Film

In addition to keeping your home cool and comfortable, window film will also make it more energy efficient. Here’s how.

When it gets too hot inside, your thermostat senses the temperature difference. That’s when your air conditioning turns on. And it will keep running until the desire temperature is reached.

Problem is, that could be quite some time on a hot summer day. In other words, you’re going to be using a lot of energy to keep your home cool.

Window film prevents this from happening from reducing HVAC run times. Less heat is allowed in, so your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard. In the end, it ends up saving a lot of money through the course of the year.

For more info, check out this brochure from our partners at 3M: 3m_sun_control_window_film_dallas

Escape the Summer Heat with Window Film

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