All the Ways 3M Window Film Can Benefit Dallas Home & Business Owners

All the Ways 3M Window Film Can Benefit Dallas Home & Business Owners

3M is one of the leading window film manufacturers in the market today. 3M offers a wide range of different window film series that are engineered for both residential and commercial application throughout the Dallas area. From daylight redirecting film to energy efficient window film, homeowners and business owners can find a solution that greatly benefits their property. Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the authorized 3M window film contractor in the Dallas area, providing their entire window film line.

Benefits of 3M Window Film for Dallas Properties

3M Sun Control Window Film features high solar rejection combined with great UV blocking and controlled light transmission properties. This window film can help Dallas home and business owners save considerably on high energy bills while providing excellent fade protection for valuables. 3M Scotchshield Safety and and Security Film is a high-grade polyester window film designed to deter break-ins and burglaries while defending against natural disasters, freak accidents, explosions, and more. This security film mitigates broken glass hazards, protecting building occupants and property. 3M Daylight Redirecting Film is a specialty commercial film designed to redirect natural light as deep as 40 feet into any building. Benefits include lowered lighting costs, improved employee productivity, improved student test scores, decreased patient recovery times, and decrease absentee rates. 3M has a large range of other window film products for commercial and residential use as well.

3M™ Safety & Security Film S140 Demonstration from Scottish Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Installation of 3M Window Film for Your Dallas Property

As the trusted 3M window film contractor in the Dallas area, we provide quick, stress-free installation processes that focus on minimizing downtime for your Dallas home or business. We utilize commercial-grade adhesives for prolonged product life and to ensure no one can tamper with your investment. Scottish Window Tinting provides comprehensive security analysis as well as free on-site consultations to determine your goals.

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