Retail Window Film

Retail Window Film for Energy Savings, Loss Prevention, UV Protection and More

The use of window film is becoming more and more popular in Denver and other Colorado retail locations such as malls and downtown stores. Many malls today have beautiful, huge glass windows in their food courts and atriums. This gives the mall a wonderful, modern and airy look, but the heating and cooling costs are frequently excessive. In today’s economic climate, business owners are looking to do everything they can to make their buildings more energy efficient and “greener.”

Some shop owners want window film manly for glare reduction, so their customers can shop in comfort. Others install it to protect plate glass windows from would be looters and thieves. And some retail shops like decorative window films to give them a classier look.

Retail locations including car dealerships, hairdressers, florists, antique stores, clothing stores and many more have lovely, large glass windows facing their main source of traffic, the better to entice their customers inside. However, once inside, those same windows may let in excessive heat and glare.

Retail window film is an economic solution that can pay for itself in just a few years, and keep on saving money.

Here are some of the many benefits of retail window films:

  • It can create shatterproof windows, not allowing anyone to break in through your glass.
  • It can save substantially on heating and cooling costs, keeping your customers more comfortable for less money.
  • It can reduce glare, letting your customers really see what they came to see.
  • It can block up to 99.9% of the damaging UV rays which can fade your furnishings, carpets, and even inventory!
  • It is a cost effective alternative to replacing windows.
  • It can be decorative, giving a stylish and modern look while adding some privacy.

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