Residential window film is important for home owners looking to get the most out of there home. Staying cool and comfortable while saving money.

Your Aurora window tinting experts

Your Aurora window tinting experts

When it comes to window film, Aurora residents mostly are familiar with the energy saving kind, but are not as familiar with the other windows film products on the market. And since each one does something quite different and affords different benefits, we’d like to run down the list for you.

With over a decade in the window tinting business, we are your go-to experts who can answer any of your questions, offer a quote, or recommend the right type of window film for your needs. But what exactly are your needs? When shopping for a window film, Aurora citizens first need to know what purpose they want it for: energy efficiency, security, privacy, decoration, or glare reduction.resort-299536_1280

1. Energy efficiency window film: with this type of window film, Aurora homes and commercial spaces can enjoy savings year round on the costs of heating and cooling. A passive product, once this window film is installed it goes to work blocking heat transfer. So it blocks heat from trying to get in during the summer, and blocks heat from trying to get out during the winter. Clients report savings of fifty or even sixty percent, savings that allow this window film to pay for itself in two to three years. As a bonus, many energy saving window films also cut glare and the sun’s UV rays that cause furnishings to fade.

2. Security or loss prevention window film: with this type of high-performance window film, Aurora homes and businesses can add another level of protection to their windows, so that no one can smash through them and get inside the premises. Available in different thicknesses, the lightest weight security window film will hold the glass safely in the frame even if it does get smashed. With the heavier weight products, the glass is unlikely to even shatter if hit with a brick or a bat.interior-791944_1280

3. Privacy window film: this product is perfect for any window, glass wall or door, where you wish you had more privacy from prying eyes. Equally good for the entryway of a home or a glass enclosed lobby-level office, privacy window film comes in an array of styles. Some block the view from both sides, some – like mirrored finish films – let you see out but do not let others see in.
4. Decorative window film: with this type of window film, Aurora businesses can add a big jolt of new style to their locations at a very affordable price. Available in colors, textures, and patterns, decorative films are a great way to add a fresh new look for less.

What are your window film needs? If you are looking for the highest-quality window film, Aurora or any of the surrounding areas, we hope you will contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today.