Window film for commercial applications saves on overall energy costs.

Anyone who owns a commercial building knows that there are large costs involved to maintain the space, not to mention the ongoing heating and cooling costs. Anything that can save an owner money on the overall expenses has great potential for investment. One way to save on your high energy costs without replacing all of the windows (which is a staggering cost in itself) is with energy efficient commercial window film.

This product has a huge amount of advantages for any commercial business owner, particularly those here in Colorado. With our omnipresent sunshine and dramatic temperature swings in any given day, your heating and cooling system can get quite the workout. And that workout is definitely reflected in your monthly bills.

With commercial window film, specifically the kind that is designed for energy efficiency, customers find their heating and cooling costs can be slashed by as much as 60%. We know this sounds like a miracle product, and frankly, in many ways it is. It is an investment that will pay for itself in a few short years, and then you will continue to reap the benefits in your bills for years to come.


Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive after the installation of commercial window film:

1. Commercial window film can cut up to 50% of heat gain from the sun in the summer time. This will result in lowered cooling costs, perhaps even not needing to run your air conditioning system as much or at all.

2. Commercial window film blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, ensuring your furnishings, rugs, artwork, curtains, etc., stay looking great longer. It is the UV rays which fade furnishings so badly.

3. Commercial window film blocks glare, which has gotten to be more and more of a problem as more and more of a work force are on computer all day. Blocking glare helps staff morale and cuts down on eyestrain and headaches, adding to productivity.

4. Commercial window film gives your existing windows a boost in energy efficiency, giving a single pane window the thermal effectiveness of a double pane window.

5. Commercial window film creates a block that does not allow your expensive heat to escape right through the glass in the winter. You are paying for it, you want it to stay inside your building where it can heat your employees and tenants and clients alike.

6. Commercial window film will not peel, scratch, or bubble like the tint on car windows. It forms a molecular bond with the window glass itself, making it durable over many years time.

As you can see, installing energy efficient window film to your commercial building just makes good sense. If you want to learn more, contact Scottish Window Tinting for a quote, and to talk with one of our expert sales staff. And let the energy savings begin!