Hotel window film. Have you heard of this product? It can substantially lower your overhead, via reductions in your heating and cooling costs.

Save money on your hotels energy costs

Save money on your hotels energy costs

If you own or manage a hotel, luxury resort, convention center, bed and breakfast, or other hospitality type establishment, then we’d like to talk to you about hotel window film. Have you heard of this product? It can substantially lower your overhead, via reductions in your heating and cooling costs.

Of course, your guests’ comfort is your top priority. So what if we told you that with the installation of hotel window film—the energy efficiency kind—you could not only save money but leave your guests more comfortable at the very same time? And all for an investment that would pay for itself in a few short years. Would you be interested?
hotel-1330834_1920Here is the situation. In the summer, your guests either leave their rooms’ air conditioning on conditioner. How can hotel window film help? Simple. By blocking heat gain from the sun, the room will not get anywhere near as hot. So if the guests do leave the AC on, it won’t have to work as hard to keep the room cool. And if they turn it off, the room will be much more comfortable when they get back. This product also cuts glare, allowing guests to feel more comfortable using their televisions and other electronic devices in the room.

Now, how does hotel window film help in the winter? It prevents the heat from drifting right out of the room through the windows. This means the heat will stay inside where it belongs. Even rooms with massive glass window will stay warm and cozy.

And as an added bonus, with energy efficiency hotel window film, 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays will be blocked. This is the spectrum of the sun’s light which causes fading in your expensive hotel furnishings, draperies, upholstery, art, flooring, etc.

So energy saving hotel window film offers a wide variety of benefits, both to you and to your guests. Let’s recap. Your initial investment on the window film and installation will be paid off in a few years with the savings in heating and cooling bills you will receive.

Glare will be reduced, making guests more comfortable in their

The temperature will remain more stable, allowing guests to enjoy the view without having to block out the sun with heavy drapes.

And your furnishings will say newer looking longer, saving you money on replacement furnishings.

So all in all, hotel window film is something more and more hotels and resorts are looking into, because of its many benefits. For more information about our different types of hotel window film or to receive a quote for a job, we hope you will contact us today at Scottish Window Tinting.