Hotel window film is an excellent choice for any hotel owner or manager looking to save money on operating costs. Specifically heating and cooling costs.

Save money on your hotel operating costs

Save money on your hotel operating costs

Hotel window film is an excellent choice for any hotel owner or manager looking to save money on operating costs. Specifically heating and cooling costs. If the hotel in question has a large lobby with big windows, if it has restaurants and conference rooms, all with windows, a lot of savings can be had by installing energy efficiency hotel window film to all of those windows.

Now, what about the rooms in the hotel, the ones the guests leave for hours with the heat or air conditioning blasting? Can hotel window film make any difference with those costs? Yes! When guests check in, frequently a room is too hot because the air has been off and the sun has been beating in. To compensate, they crank up the air conditioning. We don’t have to tell you that. But with the installation of the energy saving hotel window film, the room will remain cooler and the need for air conditioning will be greatly reduced.hotel window film

We sell a full line of energy saving hotel window films, one of which might be perfect for your hotel’s needs. There are some that add optical quality to the glass, making your guests views even more beautiful. There are those that block glare, allowing your guests to enjoy their televisions, laptops, tablets and phones without having to draw the blinds or curtains and block that beautiful view. There are energy saving hotel window films that block UV rays so that the sun beating in the room does not cause your furnishings to fade. (This can be a big money saver in itself.)

Without energy efficiency hotel window film, hotels are simply leaving money on the table. This low tech yet high-performance product makes all windows considerably more thermally efficient, saving money on cooling bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter. And who wouldn’t want that? In fact, hotel window film can make your hotel so much more energy efficient, it will pay for itself in a few short years. And lower the hotel’s carbon footprint, allowing you to advertise it as “green” which is a big draw for people these days.hotel window film texas

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