How Metal Shield Lowers Maintenance Cost for Austin Office Buildings by Streamlining Elevator Repairs

How Metal Shield Lowers Maintenance Cost for Austin Office Buildings by Streamlining Elevator Repairs

Austin business owners agree that elevator replacement and repair costs are never budget friendly. Graffiti and vandalism affects Austin office buildings just as much as the rest of the nation, often creating high elevator repair costs, untimely recommissioning fees, and a high level of inconvenience to everyone working and visiting the building. Metal Shield, created by Graffiti Shield, is the perfect solution for all Austin office buildings with elevator graffiti issues.

Benefits of Metal Shield and How They Lower Maintenance Costs in Your Austin Office Building

Metal Shield is a thick anti-graffiti film that can be applied to any existing metal surface to replicate the original surface appearance in any Austin office building. Metal Shield is available in stainless steel, brushed aluminum, as well as brushed gold finishes. However durable metal is, it can be easily vandalized and damaged by anything abrasive. Since stainless steel is pre-finished in the factory with large format machinery, it is virtually impossible to repair without replacing the entire metal sheet or item.

Metal Shield can be installed over damaged metal, creating a new, clean protected surface. Metal Shield is thick enough that no further damage can be made to the existing metal once installed. If your Metal Shield is vandalized and damaged, it’s much quicker and more cost effective to simply replace the Metal Shield film, rather than the unavoidable high repair costs of elevators. Avoiding elevator repairs also means avoiding elevator recommissioning, which aren’t budget friendly and often don’t happen in a timely manner. For a quarter of the cost and time, Austin office buildings can protect their elevators while ensuring a professional look for their visitors and employees.

Metal Shield Installation in Your Austin Office Building

Metal Shield installation can be completed within a hour, depending on the surface area of course. Our trained professionals quickly install your product with a special proprietary adhesive that’s strong enough to not be tampered with by the general public yet easily removable by us without leaving any residual adhesive on your elevator.

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