With hospital window film, hospital administrators have a way of lowering the incredibly high overhead of a hospital. Sound impossible?

Keep your patients comfortable

Keep your patients comfortable

With hospital window film, hospital administrators have a way of lowering the incredibly high overhead of a hospital. Sound impossible? The specific part of the overhead we are talking about is the portion of the energy bills that go for heating and cooling. And as an added bonus, hospitals can make their patients more comfortable at the same time.

Everyone likes to be warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. To achieve this, hospitals have massive heating and cooling energy bill expenditures. And patients in rooms with big windows might enjoy the view, but might still be uncomfortable with the sun beating in, even with the air conditioner doing its job. They might need to close the curtains to keep the glare off their televisions or to keep from baking right in their beds. But with energy efficiency hospital window film, that problem is solved. The film not only cuts uncomfortable glare, it makes the glass in the windows substantially more thermally efficient, keeping the rooms cooler in window film boulder

In winter, we all know how chilling it can be to sit next to a big glass window. You can feel the cold air creeping in right through the glass. This can make patients uncomfortable as well, and we all know they are wearing those flimsy hospital gowns and have thin blankets to snuggle with. The same hospital window film that kept them cooler in the summer can now keep them warmer in the winter. And both of these things will reduce your energy bill, because your heating and cooling systems will have less work to do to achieve the correct temperature.

Hospital window film is an investment that can pay off year after year, with energy savings and glare reduction benefits. And for one last benefit, the same energy efficiency hospital window film contains a powerful UV block. It actually blocks ninety nine percent of the sun’s damaging and dangerous UV rays. These are the same rays that cause eye damage, skin damage, and fade furnishings. With the UV block, furnishings stay new looking and unfaded longer, which can also save a hospital window film colorado

Here at Scottish Window Tinting, we have over a decade of experience installing various window films for commercial and residential buildings. Our line includes security window films, privacy window film, decorative window film, bomb blast window film, and anti-graffiti window film, as well as the range of energy saving hospital window film products we have been talking about.

For more information about hospital window film, please contact Scottish Window Tinting today. We can offer a quote, answer any questions you might have, and get you on your way to lowering the hospital’s energy costs and making your patients more comfortable at the same time.

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