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Window Tinting Helps High-rise Hotel

Eastman, a company that we work with to get our high-quality window tinting products, recently completed a great project. They teamed up with the Hyatt Regency Houston hotel to address issues of temperature for the building, which is a high-rise hotel with previously staggeringly large energy bills. We work most prominently with residential window film applications, but this process can also make a huge difference for commercial spaces.

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The Hyatt Regency Houston had been receiving complaints about the temperature from the clients staying in the hotel, and they knew they had to do something to help it. Replacing the windows in this 924,000 square foot building would have been a fortune, and window tinting is a much more feasible option. In fact, in many cases, window tinting is the more effective option for energy efficiency as well.

This particular hotel used Enerlogic Window Tinting, one of the highest quality window films on the market today. Traditionally, window film only helps to block heat out during the summer, but Enerlogic is an innovative product that has taken window film to the next level; saving energy even in the winter months.

Eastman reports that during installation metering systems were installed to monitor energy use in rooms with the window film installed, and windows where it was not yet installed. This is the first time that windows have been monitored for energy savings based solely on the installation of film. Results showed that there was an energy-use reduction average of 24 percent, giving the Hyatt Regency’s investment a very fast return on investment.
Because of this study, we now know that you can truly have an great return on an investment with window tinting, even if you do nothing else to increase the energy efficiency of your space. This proves true for both commercial and residential spaces, and the Hyatt Regency had wonderful success in increasing the comfort of their clients!

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If you would like to learn more about the possibility of increasing the comfort of your home or business with window tinting, give us a call or send an email today. We work with only the highest quality, most effective window film products to ensure that every client gets the energy savings that they want and need. We can’t wait to get started on finding the best solution for your space!