Decorative window film can be applied for various applications.

Decorative window film is a film that is decorative in nature and can be used for more than one
application. You may have seen decorative window film and not even realized it. For example,
many store fronts use this type of film for advertising purposes, to make their store really stand out, or to give their patrons a bit of privacy.

Some of the places that could benefit from the application of decorative window film include: Internal and external partitions, privacy and security windows, panels, dividers, screens, doors, plate glass windows.

Interior designers, architects, business owners, contractors, and window installers are all enthusiastically singing the praises of decorative window films to give a unique and eye catching appearance for a fraction of the cost of etched or hand painted glass. What’s more, a decorative window film can be changed out with another style after a few years for an immediate revamp or update to the look of a business.

A decorative window film can contain a business’s name or logo, or it can be purely decorative. Swirls, polka dots and stripes, Asian inspired bamboo patterns, nature scenes, bright colors or only whites and frosted looks – because of the popularity of decorative window films, the amount of patterns you have to choose from grow every year.

Installation of decorative window film is simple and mess free. When you work with Scottish Window Tinting, you can be sure that we will only send out competent and highly experienced installers. Improperly installed window films can bubble or crack, sometimes due to the harsh nature of the Colorado climate. Of course, if you are using decorative window films in an interior partition or inner door, this will not be an issue.

Decorative window films are one of our most popular window film installations with businesses of all kinds. It’s rare that you can make such a large change to the appearance and feel of a building for such a minor investment.

What about decorative window films for the home? Why not! They have multiple uses in the home as well, the main one being adding more privacy while still letting the sun shine in. If you’d like more privacy in your entryway, consider decorative window films for your sidelights.

If your bathroom windows are too close for comfort to a neighbor or even a street, decorative window films provide the perfect cost-conscious solution.

And if you have any windows that open onto a, shall we say, unappealing view, again its decorative window film to the affordable rescue.

If you have questions about this product, or would like to see the line of available designs, please contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today. Along with decorative window films, we also specialize in energy saving window films and security window films. Let’s talk!