If you own a restaurant, than you know that ambiance is key in providing an immersive experience to customers. Our privacy window films do just that.

Add privacy to your restaurant

Add privacy to your restaurant

Do you own a restaurant or café? How about a bar or pub? Or perhaps an upscale dinner club? Are you looking to give your patrons the feel of a more exclusive and private place? If so, restaurant window film will definitely be the cost conscious restauranteur’s perfect solution.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how restaurant window film might work for you. Perhaps you have a nice eatery in a mall. When guests come in, they are tired and hungry from a hard day of shopping. They want the feeling of a nice restaurant without having to get into their cars and drive anywhere. With privacy or decorative restaurant window film, you can add a treatment to your front windows that blocks the view of the mall, gives your patrons that nice sense of privacy, but still lets light into the space.

Privacy restaurant window film can come in various styles. One of the loveliest looks like frosted, etched glass. Expensive and high-end looking, but not really expensive at all. Once installed, you’ll have nothing to do except clean the windows as you normally would.

restaurant privacy window film denverHow about a high priced restaurant in a not so high priced location, such as a busy downtown street? Adding one of our privacy restaurant window films to your street-facing windows again adds the privacy that your clients prefer. It not only blocks their view of the sidewalk and the cars rushing past but it also shields them from the prying eyes of people passing by in the street. After all, we all know how passersby love to look in at others’ food!


 We also offer a full line of decorative restaurant window film that can look like colored glass, painted glass, patterned or textured glass. These styles can add privacy while they add interest and style to any glass surface in your restaurant.

privacy window film denverScottish Window Tinting also offers a useful variety of other restaurant window films, including safety or loss prevention films to shore up your windows, anti-graffiti window films to keep your establishment looking pristine, anti-glare window film that can give your customers more comfort if they are sitting near the windows, and energy saving window film that can cut down on heating and cooling costs while making your guests more comfortable than ever.

For more information about restaurant window film, we hope that you will contact us today. Scottish Window Tinting has a decade in the window film business and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.