Security Window Film for Colorado Springs Churches

High-end security window films keep you churches windows intact even after being struck by bullet or bombs.

Security Film And Accessories Options For Your Colorado Springs Church

Security Film And Accessories Options For Your Colorado Springs Church

Protect Your Colorado Springs Religious Facility With Safety And Security Films

There are a lot of churches here in Colorado Springs which, In this day and age safety and security concerns for our religious institutions, makes this city a target for a violent attack. Which is why churches in Colorado Springs should consider utilizing the most potent technologies on the market today to protect your church, synagogue or temple– security window film. This film is not only an idea, it could literally mean the difference between your congregation remaining safe during an attack and the unthinkable. Keep reading to find out how security glass can protect your congregation from harm in the event of an attack.

How Security Film Protects Churches From Gun Attacks

The most vulnerable part of any building is its glass windows and doors. An even-tempered glass is easily penetrated, allowing a would-be attacker unchecked access to harm your congregation. After security glass is applied, however, the windows on your church are significantly harder for bullets and even bombs to penetrate. These specialized films will inhibit an intruder for precious seconds or minutes from gaining entry–giving the people inside time to escape or for first responders to arrive.

What Kind Of Security Film Or Accessories Do I Need For My Church

While no window film makes a window 100% “bulletproof”, safety and security films from companies like 3m or Eastman are about as close as you can get. These films must be used in coordination with a specialty adhesive like C-Bond adhesive and specialty attachment frames.

Don’t leave the windows on your congregation open to attack–protect yourself and your congregation with high-end security film options like window film. Contact us today for a free security audit and estimate on your Colorado Springs Church.