How 3M Security Film Can Help Minimize Danger For Colorado Springs Businesses During an Explosion

How 3M Security Film Can Help Minimize Danger For Colorado Springs Businesses During an Explosion

Major explosions aren’t something that happens everyday, but they’re a real possibility in certain environments. Manufacturing businesses, food processing plants, chemical labs, and colleges all deal with hazardous and flammable materials. And government buildings, police stations, and grade schools do receive bomb threats on occasion. It’s crucial for building managers to be cautious about safety matters. Implementing the right emergency procedures and security technology could mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why we’re here to offer 3M Security Window Film to Colorado Springs businesses, schools, and government buildings. 3M Security Window Films are a smart and effective way to improve the safety of any commercial or industrial building. And they might be the best investment you make for your property. Here’s why.

Protecting Against the Biggest Threat – Broken Glass

There are a variety of situations besides a bombing that can cause an explosion. The wrong chemicals get mixed, a flammable substance is exposed to heat, electrical wiring causes a spark, or factory equipment malfunctions, resulting in a major disaster.

When an explosion happens, the biggest threat is not actually the blast itself, but the structures impacted, like windows. Whether from the pressure or actual impact, windows can erupt into millions of tiny slivers of glass, which are unfurled across the room at terrifying speeds. These little glass daggers can cause serious bodily injuries, including lacerations, eye damage, puncture wounds, and bleeding, and also destroy furniture, equipment, and objects.

The Solution? 3M Window Film for Colorado Springs Properties

3M Security Window Films provide Colorado Springs property mangers with a way to be proactive about dangerous situations like explosions. By strengthening glass and retaining fragments, 3M Window Films help reduce the risk of window eruption, preventing injury and damage. They’re especially useful for high risk areas like floor to ceiling glass, atriums, skylights, bank teller windows, airports, and windows located near water.

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