Beautiful Ways Decorative Window Film Can Enhance Your Colorado Springs Home

Beautiful Ways Decorative Window Film Can Enhance Your Colorado Springs Home

Decorative window film in Colorado Springs is a trend that’s been increasing for the past few years. In the past, window film used to be available in only one look – that dark, reflective tint that you’re familiar with. And it’s primary purpose was to act as shield against the sun.

But advancements in technology have led to a whole new type of window tinting. Now, decorative window films are being used to turn ordinary homes into colorful pieces of art. These films typical feature some sort of artistic design or pattern and are great for adding privacy, color, and utility.

And the design possibilities are endless! Here are just some of the many places that decorative film can be used in home design:

  • Glass shower enclosures & bathroom windows
  • Cabinet, pantry & wine cellar doors
  • Glass tables & end tables
  • Bedroom, living room & other exterior windows
  • Exploring A Wide Variety of Frosts, Patterns, Textures, and Gradients

    The world of decorative film is vast. HD graphic print tools and CAD programming have provided the ability for window tinting companies to manufacture decorative films with numerous frosts, patterns, textures, gradients. This gives homeowners the freedom to choose from everything from simple looks like frosted and sandblasted film to vibrant, modernistic designs, patterns, and shapes.benefits-of-decorative-window-film-colorado-springs

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    Additional Benefits of Installing Window Film in Your Home

    Decorative window film can not only make your home look beautiful, but it can also make it safer and more energy efficient too! Here are just some of the many additional benefits of decorative window tinting:

  • Protects your family from glass related injuries
  • Guards against hazardous weather conditions
  • Defends furniture from fade causing uv rays
  • Reduces the risk of break-in and burglary
  • Learn more: benefits-of-decorative-window-film-colorado-springs

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