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Chicago is one of this country’s loveliest cities and an all-around great place to call home!  However, in a big city like Chi-town, full of commerce and somewhere that gets all four season–challenges can arise from your the windows of your space. Security, solar control, energy-efficiency, and privacy are all issues from your windows that need to be addressed. From art galleries in Lincoln Park to high-rises along the Magnificent Mile and boutique hotels in blank and retailers in Logan Square–the problems are the same.  Window films, tints, and surface films are the answer to them all.  Here at Scottish, we carry films for virtually every window or flat surface application: branding, decals,  exterior and interior refinishing, solar control, and more.  Read about the myriad uses of this amazing modern technology below.

Casper Commercial Window Film and Window Tinting Benefits

Energy Efficient Window Tinting for Chicago Buildings

Energy-efficient window tinting can help your Chicago space LEED-certified and reduce costs too.  Best of all these films are excellent at improving the comfort of commercial and residential properties.

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Safety and Security Film for Your Chicago Business or Storefront

Get the piece of mind that your Chicago home or business is more secure by having security film installed. It reduces the impact of attempted smash and grabs by significantly delaying intruders or stopping them altogether.

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Effective Privacy Tinting for Chicago Commercial Buildings

Privacy is hard to come by in a city the size of Chicago.  By having privacy tinting installed, business owners get the coverage they need for their customers and employees and homeowners get a dwelling free from prying eyes.

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Decorative Film Choices for Chicago Offices and Businesses

Decorative film are an outside the box idea for visual marketing on the windows and flat surfaces of your Chicago business.  They also work great as a privacy solution for your property.

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UV Blocking Window Tint for Chicago Commercial Properties

When you have UV blocking window tint installed you get comprehensive protection all-year-round from UV radiation. This prevents fading, discoloration, and deterioration of the furnishings in your Chicago business.

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Glare Reduction Window Film for Chicago Commercial Buildings

Glare reduction window films are the relief you need from glare on your screens. They block the glare and harmful sun rays while letting in plenty of filtered natural light.

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Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Chicago Public Properties

In a city as big as Chicago, vandalism is a big problem.  With anti-graffiti surface and glass films, your Chicago commercial space has a protective first defense layer against chronic graffiti.

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Metal and Mirror Restoration Services for Chicago Commercial Buildings

Bathrooms and elevators are frequent targets for graffiti.  But with mirrored and metal surfaces that go over damage–Chicago businesses protect surfaces and save significantly on repairs.

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RF Blocking Window Film for Your Chicago Business

RF blocking window film is a film solution for people who suffer from radiofrequency radiation illness. Stopping this type of RF radiation could mean a more productive workspace.

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Bomb Blast Protection for Your Chicago Commercial Property

Bomb resistant films offer a powerful line of defense against explosions, bullets, natural disasters, and more! These highly specialized security films mitigate dangers like flying glass.

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Exterior Resurfacing for Your Chicago Commercial Building

Exterior resurfacing transforms the dated windows of older properties into modern masterpieces. This aesthetic improvement cost less than a full remodel and is sure to help attract new tenants.

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Cloaking Film for Innovative Chicago Workspaces

Cloaking film is the perfect addition to modern workspaces for technological privacy options.  These amazing films black out computer and tv screens with sensitive information on them.

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Whiteboard Film for Chicago Offices, Schools, and More

Whiteboard film makes any flat surface in your Chicago office into a whiteboard–customized to your dimensions and shape.  A great olution for spaces that don’t want large whiteboards taking up floor or wall space.

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Bird Strike Prevention for Chicago Skyscrapers

Large commercial properties struggle with the costs and gore of bird collisions.  These unfortunate run-ins cause damage to Chicago highrises and kill the birds.  Bird strike prevention film stops these collisions by making the window visible to birds.

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