Can Window Film Damage Windows?

Can Window Film Damage Windows?

There’s a common misconception that window film can damage windows– this is only true if utilizing an inexperienced window film contractor. All windows can benefit from window film installation as long as it’s with the right, compatible product. Having the wrong window film installed may lead to damage to certain types of glass but this is easily avoided by working with the right, professional window film company. Skipping DIY work and doing your research to find a trusted window film company can mitigate all of these concerns.

Finding the Right Window Film for Your San Antonio Windows

The best way to prevent damage to your windows is finding the right window film. Window film varies in numerous ways from material to manufacturer. There are definitely certain window films that are better suited to some glass types than others. If you have single-pane, double-pane, or Low-E glass, these different glass types do dictate what type of window film you need. A professional window film contractor should perform an on-site consultation and evaluate the type of windows you have prior to installation. Notifying your window film contractor of what type of windows you have is always helpful. The bottom line is that regardless of what kind of windows are on your property, there are window film products that will be compatible.

Double-Pane Windows: Is Window Film Safe?

Residents may be concerned with installing window film on double-pane windows for numerous reasons. Some people may have heard that window film can cause your windows to become foggy or even break. Professionally installed window film is safe for double-pane windows and can actually turn double-pane windows into triple-pane in terms of energy conservation. All window film manufacturers also have incredible warranties– commercial window film products usually have a decade or more of protection while residential products usually are warrantied for a lifetime.

Will Window Film Cause My Double-Pane Windows to Break?

In the past, window film could cause glass to overheat and break. Window film works in two ways: by rejecting solar heat gain and trapping heat into the film and glass. This problem was quickly solved by modern advancements in window film technology. Current issues of double-pane glass breaking with window film installation is a result of improper installation along with an incompatible film. Double-pane windows have a space that’s found in between the two sealed glass pieces. If the wrong film is applied, it will seal in the gas that’s commonly found in this spacing, causing the glass to potentially shatter. You’ll have peace of mind working with our professional window contractors that will provide the proper film for your double-pane windows.

Will Window Film Cause My Windows to Become Foggy?

Double-pane windows inevitably become foggy over time. This is due to their seal failing and moisture becoming trapped between the two glass panes. The moisture condensation causes this foggy appearance. Window film has no impact on this and there is no evidence that shows a correlation between the two. Unfortunately, when consumers contact their window manufacturers regarding foggy appearance, the warranty department will find any reason to void their liability. If a customer states that their double-pane windows have film installed, manufacturers can use this as a reason to attribute the foggy appearance in order to avoid replacing them. There is absolutely no evidence showing that window film can cause windows to become foggy. Modern window film technology is quite durable and won’t change in appearance under long-term UV exposure.

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