Affordable Bird Deterrent Window Film Solutions for Salt Lake City Properties

Affordable Bird Deterrent Window Film Solutions for Salt Lake City Properties

Birds are beautiful creatures, but they can also be pesky ones. If a group of birds decides to set up their home on your window sill or roof, you may have trouble getting rid of them. What’s more, windows are a dangerous spot for birds to hang out. Millions of birds die each year from flying into them.

Finding a bird deterrent that actually works and is affordable isn’t always easy. You could opt for those awful pigeon spikes, but let’s face it – they’re an eyesore. Some people experience improvement from using chemical products or sonic devices, but there’s no guarantee that either of these options will work.

The good news is, there’s a much better option – bird deterrent window film. Below, our Salt Lake City window film experts have provided the inside scope on the best bird safety products.

What Exactly Is Bird Deterrent Window Film?

Bird deterrent window film is referred to by numerous names. It’s also commonly called fritted window film, bird safety film, and anti collision window clings. All terms basically refer to the same thing.

Bird deterrent films are window treatments that are designed to prevent bird collisions. Decorative designs, reflective patterns, and perforated marks help birds see glass for what it is instead of a reflection of their habitat. This helps prevent birds from setting up shop on your window sill and can help keep them safe too.

Does Bird Safety Film Actually Work?

Yes! It’s actually quite effective. Even the American Bird Conservancy agrees. They recommend bird safety film as one of the best ways to keep birds away from windows and prevent glass collisions.

Affordable Options for Bird Deterrent Window Film

You don’t have to spend a fortune trying to keep birds away from your windows. Here are some affordable bird deterrent window film options available in Salt Lake City:

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