3 Reasons to Install Bird Deterrent Window Film in Colorado Springs Businesses

3 Reasons to Install Bird Deterrent Window Film in Colorado Springs Businesses

One of the perks of living in Colorado Springs is that you have beautiful natural areas nearby that are only a fifteen to twenty minute drive away. There’s plenty of wildlife in the area, including an abundance of birds, fish, bears, deer, and many other animal species. However, if we don’t take steps to protect the wildlife and their natural habitat, things could change quickly, especially since the city is growing fast.

Installing bird deterrent window film for Colorado Springs properties is a responsible and compassionate decision that can help keep wildlife safe. These specialized window films are one of the most effective ways to prevent glass collisions and protect some of our most fragile animal species.

How Bird Deterrent Window Film Protects Wildlife

Millions of birds die in glass collisions every year. These horrific accidents result in painful, sudden deaths that can be avoided if humans put forth just a little bit of effort.

By installing fritted film, also called bird deterrent window film, Colorado Springs property owners can help birds see glass surfaces on buildings more clearly and avoid collisions. Reflective designs, patterns, and perforations help birds identify glass as a physical barrier so that they know to fly around it. These low cost films come in numerous designs, including dotted, striped, and trellis patterns.

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Three Reasons to Install Fritted Window Film for your Business

With cities like Colorado Springs growing larger each day, bird deterrent window film is a solution that simply makes sense. Here are a few reasons why you should consider fritted film for your Colorado Springs business:
1. It’s a compassionate and environmentally responsible decision that can save many birds’ lives.
2. As an added benefit, window film may help boost the insulation of your windows and save you money on energy costs.
3. Many cities now require bird safety plans for construction. Installing bird deterrent window film can help you stay compliant with local laws and building codes.

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