Tinted Films for Vehicles

*Available in the Denver Metro Area ONLY

Automotive Window Tinting Treatments

Window tinting is best known for creating that sweet, blacked out window look that you’ve no doubt observed on everything from Audis, to Subarus, to the FBI surveillance van parked on your street. Window Tinting for vehicles has been a popular upgrade for vehicle owners for many years for a number of reasons. First and foremost, a window tint applied to the windows of a vehicle create a beautiful, uniform look to the exterior of an automobile. The dark tint also provides much needed privacy for the driver and passengers of a car, so whether it’s day or night, you can sing Taylor Swift and pick your nose in the privacy of your own vehicle without other drivers looking in when stopped at stoplights.

Heat & UV Reduction

Window tinting isn't just about aesthetics. Our automotive window tints block 99% of UV rays from the sun. Not only will this prevent that silly driving sun burn that drivers get only on their left arm, but it will also help to prevent more serious side effects of excessive UV radiation exposure, including skin cancer and other skin related diseases. UV radiation also causes fading to the interior surfaces of your car. This is why we recommend our tinted films to customers with luxury brand or customized vehicles. If you have a vehicle with leather, vintage, or just plain beautiful interior treatments, a simple window film upgrade can help prevent irreparable sun fading damage caused by extended exposure to UV rays.

Privacy, Security and Glare Reduction

If you live or work in a big city like Denver, or often drive with valuables in your vehicle, you know that privacy is an important concern. Leaving valuables unattended in your car, even for a short time, can easily attract thieves. And when trapped in commuter traffic, its not so pleasant to have other drivers peering into your vehicle. Tinted window film provides the perfect solution to these concerns. Darkened window treatments can also help reduce glare when driving, day or night. During the day, darkened windows block a percentage of incoming sunlight which provides necessary shade for comfortable driving. At night, window tinting can help reduce the star-burst effect that some drivers experience due to bright headlights of other vehicles and street lights.

Concerns & Solutions

Visibility with Tint?

A major concern that we often hear from customers is that a tinted film on the windows of a vehicle could be too dark, causing reduced visibility at night. If you desire window tinting that still adheres to the Colorado legal standards of VLT (visible light transmission) we offer a variety of tinting products that block between 5% and 26% of visible light, so you can be sure you are getting a safe, legal, and high quality film product.

Clear Film Option

At Scottish Window Tinting, we have a variety of solutions for those who wish to get the most out of their vehicle's windows. If reduced visibility is a major concern, we offer clear automotive window films, which provide equivalent UV defense to their tinted counterparts. To read more about the clear film options, click here.

Cracking & Fading?

Another major concern facing drivers that are considering automotive window tinting is the advent of bubbling, cracking, and color fading, which is common in many automotive window film installations. Our films are top of the line in performance and quality, and are specifically engineered to withstand fading, cracking and bubbling.

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