The sun's rays can be harmful, but we have what you need to keep your daily commute cool, comfortable and protected.

Protect your skin in traffic

Protect your skin in traffic

UV auto window film is a fantastic product that can really make a difference to your skin over time. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, if you commute, if you are stuck in traffic, your skin is taking a daily dose of ultraviolet rays right through your driver’s side window. And the damage done by these UV rays is cumulative, over time.

Have you ever thought about how many years of your life you actually spend in the car? Many people do not think to put on a sunblock if they are only going to be in the car, or going back and forth to work. They are unaware that the sun’s damaging UV rays can and do penetrate right through the glass and are absorbed by their skin. Many people don’t realize that even if they don’t get a sunburn or even a tan, UV rays can be harming their skin. And if you think about how many Colorado days are sunny, this is quite a bit of UV exposure. With UV auto window film, over ninety nine percent of both UVA and UVB rays are blocked. Imagine how much less ultraviolet rays your skin will absorb over the years, once this product is applied to their vehicle’s windows.

auto window film utahUV auto window film is a fast and affordable method of protecting your own skin and your family’s skin. It is a smart purchase for people who spend a lot of time in a vehicle, including bus drivers, commuters, truckers, soccer moms, mail men, etc.

Did you know that significantly more sun spots and skin cancers grow on the left side of a driver’s face, the side that faces the window? This happens over the course of many years of sun exposure through the windows of a vehicle. But it doesn’t have to happen like that at all.

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The tint that might have come with your car to cut glare does not block UV rays. But UV auto window film can be applied to any window, even one that already has regular window tinting on it.

Along with our effective UV auto window film, we also offer other useful types of vehicle films, including a heat-block auto window film and a paint protection car film as well.

For more information about any of our window film products, including residential and commercial window films along with the vehicle films, why not contact us today? We are happy to answer any questions and help you reach a decision as to whether or not UV auto window film is right for you and your family.