Ever worried that gravel and dirt take a toll on your car or trucks exteriors? Schedule a car/truck window film installation and let the worries disappear.

Protect your paint from chipping

Protect your paint from chipping

Are you one of these owners who is really proud of your truck? Do you love the way it looks and feels speeding down the open road? We’ve found that truck enthusiasts will “go the extra mile” (pun intended) when it comes to keeping their truck’s value and keeping it looking sharp and clean and shiny. That’s why we want to tell you about truck window film.

This high performance product doesn’t actually go on your truck’s windows, in case you are wondering. Instead, it goes on the front end of your truck: the bumpers, fenders, hood, anywhere you want to protect the finish from those annoying little dings and micro chips that occur as you drive over the years.

Our high performance truck window film is made up of a durable and self-healing urethane. This urethane acts as a barrier between your truck’s paint finish and top coat and anything the road can literally throw at it. That includes pebbles, stones, bits of glass, debris, branches, tumbleweeds, and anything that might be flying off that garbage truck in front of you. Truck window film also protects your shiny finish from the dulling effects of chemicals, tar, sap, bugs that seem to somehow embed themselves in the finish, salt, de-icers, and anything else your truck encounters as it goes about its life.

automotive window film dallas A truck window film is applied by experts and will be virtually unnoticeable once correctly applied. The pieces are cut to the size and shape of the parts of your truck that will be covered. And as good as your truck’s finish looks today, that’s as good as it will look some years down the road when you decide to remove the film.

Can you imagine what truck window film could do for your precious vehicle’s resale value. We know, you do not want to sell your prized possession at all, but consider that the day might come when you decide it’s time for something newer and maybe even better. With a gleaming and pristine finish that has been preserved by truck window film, you can be all but guaranteed a higher resale value or trade in value (all other things being equal, of course).

Scottish Window Tinting has a decade in the window film business. We also offer a UV protection car window film that can help to save your skin from sun damage, and a genius heat-block window film that will keep your truck so much cooler in summer, even when parked in direct sun.

automotive paint film dallasFor more information about truck window film, why not give us a shout today? Either call us (through your truck’s Bluetooth, of course) or use our handy online form.