Clear Films for Vehicles

*Available in the Denver Metro Area ONLY

Why Choose Clear?

Though window film for automobiles is most commonly thought of as having a dark, tinted finish, we offer a clear alternative to the standard tinted films. These clear films provide all of the UV protection, heat deflection, and glare reduction of their tinted counterparts, without altering the appearance of your vehicle or causing any potential visibility reduction at night. In Colorado, the legal amount of Visible Light Transmission reduction for automotive films is only 27%, which is much lower than other states. Though the tinted films that we provide do, of course, adhere to Colorado laws, we recommend our Clear Auto Films as a great alternative to window tinting, for great protection without compromise.

Heat & UV Reduction

Our sunny Colorado weather sure is beautiful, but it can often lead to some serious negative consequences. Direct sunlight is full of Ultra Violet radiation, which causes sunburns and sun fading, but can have much more severe ramifications, such as increased risk of skin cancer and other skin diseases. Normal car windows only reflect a small percentage of incoming UV radiation from sunlight, which is why car interiors can fade over time, and why you get that silly sunburn on your left arm when you've been driving around during the day. Our Clear Window Films defend you vehicle and it's occupants from 99% of UV radiation, so you can rest easy knowing loved ones, and your car, are safe from the suns's damaging rays.

Zero Interruptions

We live in a technology centric age, where cell phone reception and GPS connectivity are must haves while on the go. Older, lower grade automotive window film products, particularly tinted ones, are often metalized, which can seriously reduce your smart phone's connectivity from inside your vehicle and can lead to lost GPS and wireless signals. Our top-of-the-line Clear Window films utilize nano-ceramic technology, which is specially engineered to help keep your cell phones, radios and radar detectors connected. If staying connected while on the go and maintaining your vehicle's navigation system is a priority for you, then our automotive films are a spectacular choice.

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