Automotive Window Film

*Available in the Denver Metro Area ONLY

Window & Surface Film for Cars

Scottish Window Tinting¬†proudly presents the newest lineup of high quality window films to our vast repertoire of products: Automotive Window Films. Automotive window films are best known for creating that seamless, blacked-out look on high end vehicles that you’ve no doubt seen before. But automotive window tinting is not just for aesthetics (all though it does look very cool), it also carries many of the same benefits of architectural window film, such as UV protection, solar control, and privacy. And unlike some automotive window tints which bubble or turn purple over time, our automotive window films are backed by the Scottish Guarantee of quality and a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty from Llumar, the industry leader in window film technologies.

Major Types of Automotive Films

Tinted Window Film

This type of window tinting treatment provides privacy for vehicle occupants and greatly improves the overall look of a vehicle. Tinted films shield the interior of the car from bright sunlight and glare. Like architectural window films, auto window tint treatments provide 99% UV protection.

Clear Window Film

Clear Film provides the same level of UV damage protection as tinted film, but is almost entirely undetectable from the inside or outside of the vehicle. We recommend these window films for drivers who are looking to get some added protection for their vehicle and loved ones, without the potential of loosing visibility while driving at night, and without altering the look of one's vehicle.

Autobody & Vehicle Lights

This clear film is placed on your vehicle's exterior, and prevents damage from scrapes and scratches. We recommend this film to drivers with high-end luxury vehicles, and to drivers who frequently drive in inclement conditions or in the Colorado back country. We also recommend this film to drivers with crazy ex-partners, or who are currently at odds with a mortal enemy, as it can help prevent damage from many types of revenge related vandalism.

Automotive Film Installation


At Scottish Window Tinting, we pride ourselves in upholding the highest of standards when it comes to customer service and window film installation for all types of vehicles. Whichever type of window film you select, our window film installation experts will take care of your window film in just a few hours, so you can get back on the road quickly. Best of all, we provide a concierge service free with every installation job! That’s right, when you drop your vehicle off for a film installation, we will provide complementary transportation for you (within 10 miles of our facility in Centennial, CO) to your work or home, as well as a return trip back to your vehicle when the installation is complete. That means no more sitting around in waiting rooms that smell of car tires and old coffee. Our concierge services allow you to get back to your life and avoid hours of wasted time, while we take care of your vehicle.

Need more information on automotive window film? Want to get a custom quote for your vehicle? Get in touch with the window film experts at Scottish Window Tinting today! Simply fill out the form below, visit our contact page, or call 303-662-8214. Our window film experts are standing by to help you get the best automotive window film in Colorado for your dollar, guaranteed!