The Importance Of Reducing Glare in Austin Offices with Window Film Installation

The Importance Of Reducing Glare in Austin Offices with Window Film Installation

As an office manager, it’s your job to manage employees, which means keeping track of their productivity. Time is money. And if your employees are becoming distracted or their productivity drops, your company could miss out on profits.

One of the leading causes for distraction in an office environment is glare. Glare can throw even the hardest working employee off track, causing them to lose focus and, ultimately, impact their performance. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to reduce glare in your Austin office with glare reduction window film.

Glare Reduction Window Film: An Easy Anti-Glare Solution

In Austin, there’s no shortage of sunlight. Austin has about 228 sunny days per year on average, which means it’s pretty much bright and sunny outside year round. The weather is certainly beautiful, but it can also be problematic if you work in an office that gets a lot of sunlight. When the sun comes through your office windows, it can wash over the entire interior of your office and create glare that causes employees to lose focus.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate glare is to install glare reduction window film for your Austin office building. Glare reduction window film dramatically diminishes glare percentages. With just one quick installation, your office can become totally glare free. With glare reduction window film, you and your employees will be able to sit at your desks and work without having to squirm around and shift positions to avoid glare from the sun.

Eliminate Glare & Watch Productivity Soar

Most people think of glare as being a simple nuisance, but actually the problem is much more serious. Glare can also cause health issues and lower productivity, ultimately impacting the profitability a business.

Studies show that on average, it about 23 minutes and 15 seconds for someone to regain focus after an interruption. That means that every time your employees are interrupted by the sun’s glare, about 25 minutes of time is wasted before they can resume normal productivity.

Glare reduction window film offers an easy remedy to this issue and can prevent losses in productivity. By installing glare reduction window film for your Austin office, you can help your employees stay productive, happy, and healthy.

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