The Importance of Installing Ballistic Resistance Window Film in Austin Government Buildings

The Importance of Installing Ballistic Resistance Window Film in Austin Government Buildings

No one’s ever able to predict when a disaster will happen. Accidents happen for no rhyme or reason at all. And natural disasters are becoming increasingly common as climate change becomes more severe.

For secure places like government buildings, the potential for disaster is even more serious. Numerous threats, including terrorist attacks, explosions, and armed robbers, can be seriously dangerous, and even life threatening to government employees.

bomb blast window film

That’s why there’s ballistic resistant window film. Ballistic resistant window film can help protect Austin government buildings and keep employees and the general public safe.

How Ballistic Resistant Window Film Works

Actually more along the lines of a system, ballistic resistant window film is a combination of advanced security window film layered with a high tech primer called C-Bond. The purpose of this primer is to decrease the susceptibility of glass to impact.

The primer is installed in layers which are stacked on the glass. Once in place, it enters the pores of the glass and the window film, filling in the natural imperfections with nanotube particles. The result is an improved design in the molecular structures that make up the glass.

The window becomes stronger and more resistant to shattering so that when explosions, blasts, or other dangers occur, occupants can remain safe from glass shards that would otherwise be lethal.

What Ballistic Window Film Protects Against

Ballistic resistant window film systems are remarkably strong and durable. When in place, ballistic resistant window films give glass the ability to resist an extremely high level of impact. In fact, ballistic resistant window film systems are so effective that they’re resistant to:

  • Ballistic gunfire and explosions
  • Hammer strikes and crowbar blows
  • High speed winds up to 140 mph
  • Hail, golf balls, and flying debris
  • Learn more about bomb blast window film: bomb-blast-window-film

    Protect Your Employees & Building

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