How to Use Decorative Window Film in Your Austin Home

How to Use Decorative Window Film in Your Austin Home

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to get festive and go all out on decorations. If you’re looking for new ways to decorate, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality. Window tinting can help display festivity and can help improve your home! Below, we’ve discussed the benefits of decorative window film for Austin homes in detail. 


What Are Decorative Window Clings?

If you’ve never had decorative window tint installed in your home, you may be wondering how it works. Window tint is a coating applied to the interior of your panes. It has numerous benefits, and it is easily applied by a professional. These films come in numerous styles including fun frosted, patterned, and specialty prints. 


How Do I Decorate with Window Tint?

Decorating with window tinting is as easy as picking out the pattern you want! It comes in many varieties and types. The decorative type can be applied to any glass fixtures like showers or interior windows. Since there are so many varieties available, be sure to research what you’re looking for ahead of time!


Is It Permanent? 

Applying decorative window film in your Austin home isn’t a permanent change to your living space. Instead, this type of film is temporary and can be switched out seasonally. Some films are even reusable. If you get a “static cling” film, you can install it and reapply it as many times as you want. This gives you the ability to update your home’s décor and appearance for a reasonable price.


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Scottish Window Tinting can provide professional installation for any of our quality products. If you have something specific in mind, be sure to let us know. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions too! To start the installation process of decorative window film in your Austin home, schedule an appointment with our experts today!