The Benefits of C-Bond for Huntsville Commercial Properties

The Benefits of C-Bond for Huntsville Commercial Properties

Commercial spaces throughout the nation are under a different kind of pressure to uphold regulatory codes and safety measures. For those that own an older property, you’ll need to consider all the various ways to achieve adherence. Since renovations can be an expensive avenue regardless of your goals, many are turning to window film. A special proprietary technology from C-Bond offers an ideal investment for a variety of projects. Here are the benefits of C-Bond technology for your Huntsville commercial space.

The Advantages of C-Bond for Your Huntsville Commercial Window Film Project

  • Enhance any window film project: C-Bond is a priming agent that can be applied to any window film product during installation. For these projects, C-Bond enhances the strength and flexibility of your existing glass while optimizing the performance of your window film investment. Another great benefit is that C-Bond helps cure the window film installation quicker so you don’t need the full 30 days required with standard installation.
  • Ballistic resistant window film: If you have high security requirements, you may want to look into ballistic resistant window film. This investment delivers the highest grade of security film available and is made possible by C-Bond technology. By incorporating multiple layers of securtiy film with an attachment system and C-Bond, ballistic resistance is created. Enjoy one-way shooting capabilities in addition to high-impact resistance. This product also offers protection against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, explosions, freak accidents, and more.

Work With Huntsville’s Leading C-Bond Commercial Window Film Specialist

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the leading C-Bond commercial window film specialist serving the Huntsville area. We’re always here to help you decide if C-Bond would be beneficial for your project and what other commercial solutions may be of value. For more information regarding C-Bond technology and other commercial window film products, please contact us!