Graffiti is incredibly hard to remove from elevators and very expensive as well--find out how Metal Shield can help.

How Surface Film Can Help With Your Denver Elevator Restoration Project

How Surface Film Can Help With Your Denver Elevator Restoration Project

Graffiti Protection And Removal In Denver, Colorado

Graffiti is a problem that is only getting worse here in Denver as the population continues to soar. One of the most targeted areas of any public building for graffiti is the elevator. It is the perfect place to do a lot of damage, quickly in an area that is relatively hard to monitor. The issue with this for Denver commercial properties is–the cost of repairing metal panels on elevators in incredibly high Each metal panel must be individually removed and the graffiti sanded off (leaving permanent marks) or a new panel costing up to $155 per square foot, must be installed. This ends up putting the cost of elevator graffiti repair in the tens of thousands–never a good thing. However, there is an alternative to traditional elevator restoration due to graffiti called–Metal Shield.

What Is Metal Shield?

Metal Shield is a thick metal film actually, that is layered on top of the existing metal panels in your elevators to protect it from or obscure graffiti. It is durable, comes in different finishes and is a great way to protect your elevator from damage or cut down the cost of your Denver elevator restoration project.

How Does Metal Shield Help Restore My Denver Elevator After Graffiti?

Metal Shield can be applied either before or after your elevator gets defaced. Of course, we suggest erring on the side of caution and installing metal shield before your elevator is struck, but should you find you elevator tagged or scratched by a vandal, Graffiti Shield can still help. Our professional installers will simply apply Graffiti Shield over the damage and that’s it–no sanding, loud noise or your elevator being out of commission. The best part is Metal Shield is easily removed and replaced should damage occur–still at a fraction of the cost of full metal elevator panel repair.

Sounds great huh? Check out the video below for more information on how you can save yourself thousands on elevator graffiti restoration/repair.

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