For businesses here in Fort Collins who rent or own a location in a strip mall, security can be a real challenge and one that window film is a great solution for.

How to Reduce Break-Ins in Fort Collins Strip Malls with Security Window Film

How to Reduce Break-Ins in Fort Collins Strip Malls with Security Window Film

Fort Collins is a safe city but businesses here must be ready for the unexpected.   Crimes of burglary here in Fort Collins are the most common though. For retail locations, this threat is more impactful.  Strip-malls in particular, which are home to many retail businesses, are a likely target for burglars. Because there are several targets to choose from and they are usually set back from the road.  This makes them vulnerable to smash and grabs. So for businesses in Fort Collins in strip malls, a way to protect themselves from break-ins is needed. There are several ways to do this but one of the very best ways is with security window film–here’s why.

Why Security Window Film is The Best Defense Against Strip Mall Break-Ins

For many strip malls, security against break-ins is difficult because of cost. Hiring a security guard  7-days a week is almost always too expensive. Cameras may catch a criminal on tape but this is reviewed after the act and hardly a deterrent to break-ins.  With security window film you get 24/7 protection for your Fort Collins strip mall–at an affordable price point. Should a burglar try to break a store window, they will have a hard time penetrating it quickly or without attracting attention.  This is because the glass stays adhered to the security window film after breaking–barring entry. This method is much less expensive than a full-time guard and around the clock protection too.

Other Benefits of Security Window Film for Strip Malls

An exceptional reason to opt for window film on your Fort Collins strip mall store is definitely the protection you get from break-ins but there are other benefits too. Security window film also blocks the UV rays of the sun.  This keeps merchandise, employees, and customers protected from the intense Colorado sun. Since we get so many sunny days here Fort Collins–window film protection is a good idea. Security film also reduces reliance on a/c. So not only does security window film protect your strip mall store, but it saves you money on utility bills as well.

With so much to gain by installing security window film on the windows of your Fort Collins strip mall location–why not find out more?.  For more information and pricing on any of our premium window films–contact us at Scottish Window Tinting Fort Collins today!  


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