How Las Vegas Businesses Can Benefit From Graffiti Shield Film

How Las Vegas Businesses Can Benefit From Graffiti Shield Film

In high tourism places, property crime, general wear and tear, and vandalism can be heightened. For those looking to defend their businesses, there are many solutions available at your disposal. Especially on the strip and surrounding areas, expensive surfaces like metal, mirrors, and glass are found everywhere. Defend your expensive surfaces with anti-graffiti film in order to save money. One of the leaders in these surface film solutions is Graffiti Shield. Here’s how your Las Vegas business can benefit from Graffiti Shield anti-graffiti surface film.

The Advantages of Anti-Graffiti Surface Film for Your Las Vegas Business

  • Vandalism and graffiti protection: Designed as a sacrificial layer to stop damage from occurring to your expensive surfaces, Graffiti Shield mirrors your original surfaces. Once applied, it’s tamperproof and can withstand everything including acid etching. When your film is damaged, it is easily removed and replaced by a professional window film contractor.
  • Mirror and metal restoration: If you have metal or mirrored surfaces that are already damaged, Graffiti Shield film offers a cheaper alternative to repair and replacement. Conceal existing damage with this fast-acting solution while defending against further damage.
  • General wear and tear protection: Things like open kitchens in restaurants, slot machines, elevators, and more can become subject to daily wear and tear. While these damages can be minor, they start to add up over time. Prevent this general wear while ensuring your best foot is always forward.

Work With Las Vegas’ Premium Graffiti Shield Surface Film Specialist

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the premium Graffiti Shield surface film specialist serving the Las Vegas area. We’ve helped countless businesses with their anti-graffiti solution needs and would love the opportunity to help you. We offer custom printing options as well to help defend other smooth, non-porous surfaces on your property. Contact us today!