3 Reasons to Install Bird Strike Window Film In San Antonio Properties

3 Reasons to Install Bird Strike Window Film In San Antonio Properties

Have you ever noticed a bird crashing into your window or glass door? This is actually a lot more common than you may think. Bird collisions into residential and commercial properties happen on a daily basis. This accounts for the one billion bird deaths each year globally. While it may seem more harmful for the birds, it actually can cause quite a disturbance. In addition to disrupting the work or home environment, bird crashes also lead to unwanted maintenance and care needs. Bird strike window film offers an effective way to prevent this from happening to your San Antonio property.

The Benefits of Bird Strike Window Film for Your San Antonio Property

Bird strike prevention window film is a type of specialty film with the sole purpose of alerting birds of your property’s location. This preventative solution is the alternative to fritted glass, providing a more affordable option that’s available for homes and businesses. Bird strike window film has subtle frosted decals that are almost invisible to the naked eye but are visible to birds. It won’t change the appearance of your existing glass, providing a great way to prevent bird collisions. Bird strike prevention window film can be applied to any glass surface that’s prone to bird collisions. Promote bird conservation and help lower maintenance and repair costs for any building. This solution also offers peace of mind.

Work With San Antonio’s Premium Bird Strike Window Film Contractor

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the premium bird strike prevention window film contractor serving the San Antonio area. Our team is happy to help you find the right solution for preventing these disruptive events. With so many window film options available, our team has you covered. For more information regarding bird strike prevention window film options, please contact us!